Why Use a Planner rather than doing all the work yourself?

Time and money are the two factors that matter most when deciding to use a planner!! Most clients do not have the time to plan efficiently and they also don’t have the necessary connections needed to plan a successful event. Due to the lack of expertise in the planning area, most clients end up spending more money at the end of the day when attempting to plan all on their own. Due to our vast relationships in the event business with venues and vendors alike, the greatest benefit of hiring SBG events is the huge saving that you will receive. We take your budget and make it work by using various connections in the industry and also by designing in-house, thus cutting out the middleman. SBG designs all their own floral arrangements as well as custom décor design, giving our clients the benefit of wholesale pricing. We always negotiate the best deal with caterers, entertainment companies, furniture rentals, lighting design, etc. We have established relationships in the industry and understand all the details that go into a successful event; therefore, hiring SBG to plan and produce is always a money saver.

What kind of events can we assist you with?

We say at SBG, size does not matter! Whether it’s a dinner party for 20 or a celebration for 200, we can help you just the same. Some clients hire us to plan and produce the entire event from start to finish and others just need a venue referral or entertainment for their event. We accompany all sorts of requests, large and small. With every phone call, we strive to make the event planning process as simple as possible for each and every client we work with.

How do you get paid?

The contracting process is very simple with SBG; we do not charge a fee for client consultations, as we like to meet every client face-to-face to fully understand their needs. Following the initial consultation, we quote a fee that encompasses all of the planning involved and then we start down the path of producing a wonderful event. Our fees are very reasonable, always quoted upfront and best of all, are 100% fixed. We will never change or up our fee halfway through the planning process. We do not work on a percentage, which allows change to happen without an increase in cost. If more hours go into planning or any other unforeseen changes come into play, the fee always remains the same for our clients.